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Well, the cost of developing an app like Canva varies depending on the complexity of the feature set, platform flexibility, and design requirements. A more advanced version with more customization options and more functionality might push the development cost of a SaaS platform like Canva up to $250,000 or more. A basic version might cost anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 or more. Optimizing resource allocation and streamlining development can be achieved by carrying out thorough research and specifying precise requirements in advance.

Factors Affecting the Price of Creating a SaaS Platform Similar to Canva

Several significant variables come to light as we examine what influences the price of creating a SaaS application similar to Canva, each of which has the potential to revolutionize a variety of industries’ enterprises. 

App Intricacy

The complexity of a SaaS platform, such as its features, customization possibilities, and connectors, has a major impact on how much a platform like Canva costs to construct. Generally speaking, larger development teams and more resources are needed for more sophisticated platforms with sophisticated features.

GDPR Compliance's impact

Following data protection laws like GDPR is super important for keeping user data safe and using it responsibly. To make sure we’re following GDPR, we might need to put in some extra effort and resources, especially when it comes to things like encrypting data, getting user consent, and limiting who can access the data.

Where the Development Team Is Based

Given that developer rates differ among nations and regions, the development team’s location has a big impact on labor expenses. Selecting an app development company in Asia or Europe is a calculated move that provides access to a wide range of new technology capabilities and qualified staff, along with cost savings as compared to competitors in the US or the UK.

Team's Level of Experience

The development team’s degree of experience and skill affects both the rate and caliber of work. High-skilled workers are more productive at resolving intricate technical problems and producing excellent code, but their services could be more expensive, which could raise the cost of developing SaaS platforms like Canva. 

Platform Selection

The Canva-like SaaS platform development cost and complexity may be impacted by the platforms (web, mobile, and desktop) that are supported and the requirements for their interoperability. Especially when it comes to design and testing, creating for many platforms or integrating cross-platform compatibility may need extra time and resources.

UI/UX Strategy Capitalization

Creating a killer UI/UX strategy that’s tailored to what users want and need is key to boosting how much they engage with and enjoy your platform. Putting some cash into user research, making prototypes, and testing usability can result in a SaaS platform that’s a breeze to use and easy on the eyes. And hey, it can even impact how much it costs to develop platforms like Canva.

The Technology Stack

Creating something as cool as Canva requires a solid tech setup. Think of it like building a house – you need sturdy materials like Python or Node.js for the foundation, and then you add the fancy touches with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to make it look amazing. But it’s not just about the languages – you also need to know your way around databases, cloud storage, and APIs for features like collaboration and image editing. And here’s the kicker: the tech stack you choose can affect everything from how much upkeep your app needs to how quickly you can develop new features.

Protocols for Testing and Quality Assurance

Throughout the development phase, rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures must be used to guarantee a dependable and error-free SaaS platform. In the end, spending money on thorough testing helps to provide a high-quality solution that lives up to customer expectations, even though it can raise the cost of SaaS development.

Crucial Elements to Include in the Development of SaaS Applications

To guarantee optimal performance and customer happiness, SaaS software development requires the integration of critical functionalities. Come with me while we explore!

Ability to Edit Videos

Using tools for cutting, merging, and adding effects, users can easily produce excellent videos using this function. It improves companies’ capacity to produce visually appealing multimedia content for advertisements and presentations.

Integrated PDF Editor

Enable seamless document management and collaboration by providing extensive capabilities for editing and annotating PDFs within the application. This feature helps enterprises and individual users manage document workflows more effectively, fostering collaboration and increased productivity.

Interface That's Easy to Use

Ensure a smooth and simple user experience with features that are focused on the needs of the user. When developing SaaS software, an intuitive user interface is crucial for promoting constructive user interactions and boosting business engagement and retention.

Design Instruments

Giving customers a comprehensive set of tools to easily create eye-catching images and designs is crucial for developing a SaaS app like Canva. With the help of these resources, companies can produce powerful visual material for branding, advertising, and communication.

Personalization Choices

Customization options help organizations improve brand consistency and awareness by enabling them to customize their designs to their unique demands and brand identity. With SaaS-based application development, users may easily add text, photos, colors, and other elements to their designs to represent their branding and style.

Features of Collaboration

Real-time collaboration features encourage innovation and teamwork while enabling smooth communication between team members. Businesses may improve team creativity and innovation and expedite project management with collaboration tools.

Compatibility for Mobile

You may easily switch between devices and design while on the road thanks to the perfect compatibility between mobile platforms. With mobile compatibility, organizations can reach a wider audience and be more flexible, enabling users to produce and interact at any time and from any location.

Combination with Outside Instruments

Improve efficiency and increase functionality through smooth integration with a range of tools and platforms from third parties. Businesses may improve the efficacy and efficiency of their design processes by utilizing pre-existing tools and workflows thanks to integration possibilities.

In-Person Access

By enabling users to view and alter designs even when they are not connected to the internet, you can guarantee continuous productivity. Businesses can withstand connectivity problems better thanks to offline access, which enables users to go on with their work in any setting.

Information and Perceptions

Acquire insightful knowledge about the effectiveness of designs and user involvement to support well-informed choices and optimization tactics. Businesses may monitor how well their designs are working and make adjustments to better suit the needs and preferences of their users with the use of analytics and insights.

Customer assistance

Long-term company connections are fostered by providing strong customer assistance, which increases user pleasure and loyalty. Provide outstanding user experiences by providing timely, attentive customer service to resolve any questions or problems.


A vast selection of pre-designed stickers makes it easy for users to add expressive aspects to designs and increase creativity. Create a SaaS application that includes stickers as a necessary feature to enhance the user experience and encourage creativity. Additionally, it helps with message delivery, improving storytelling and brand communication.

How Can a SaaS Platform Like Canva Be Networked?

Canva makes use of multiple revenue streams, such as enterprise solutions for businesses, subscription plans for its premium features, and sales of tangible goods like items and printed materials via its platform. Here are a few ways that companies may use Canva-like app development to lead innovation and enhance consumer experiences while increasing revenue.

Promotion and Grants

Use sponsored content, sponsored features, or advertising placements to monetize the site. Join forces with affiliates, marketers, or brands to show users sponsored templates, targeted advertisements, or promotions in exchange for money from pay-per-click, pay-per-impression, or sponsorship deals.

Perspectives and Data Licensing

Combine and anonymize user information gathered via the platform to produce insightful analyses, trends, and insights. Provide organizations, researchers, or marketers looking for market intelligence and insights into consumer behavior with data licensing agreements or subscription-based access to proprietary data and analytics reports.

Branding and White Labeling

Provide white labeling options so that companies can alter the platform’s appearance and add their logo, color scheme, and branding components. If someone wants to white-label the platform and offer it to customers under their brand, they can charge a license fee or a monthly royalty.

Freemium model

As part of paid subscription plans, provide premium features and sophisticated capabilities on a free platform version with limited functionality. This enables users to fully appreciate the value proposition of the platform before subscribing to a paid plan to gain further features.

Printing Services

Offering users the opportunity to print their drawings on a variety of products, including t-shirts, invites, posters, and banners, is Canva’s approach to monetizing its print business. Moreover, consumers may easily obtain their printed designs thanks to Canva’s international shipping capabilities, which span over 30 countries. Depending on variables including the kind of goods and the shipping location, the cost of various print services may change. Through print sales and delivery services, Canva generates additional money while improving user engagement and happiness.

Create a Canva-like app with NewAgeSysIT’s Expertise

At NewAgeSysIT, we take great satisfaction in being a top SaaS platform development company known for our proficiency in developing creative solutions catered to the various demands of our clients. Our method starts with careful project preparation, in which we work together with our clients to establish precise goals, parameters, and deliverables.

We can create strategies that lead to success by gaining important insights into consumer preferences, market trends, and industry benchmarks through thorough research and analysis.

Using state-of-the-art development techniques and tools, our skilled team creates dependable and expandable SaaS solutions for customers in many sectors. We have a remarkable portfolio of completed projects to our credit, and we have a reputation for going above and above for our clients.

Our SaaS application development services enable businesses to accelerate growth, enhance user experiences, and stay ahead of the competition in an increasingly digital world.  If you’re looking to develop a SaaS platform like Canva, connect with a representative to bring your vision to life with unparalleled expertise and dedication.

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