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Flutter App Development Services

Flutter refers to an open-source UI software development kit. It allows developers to build appealing high-performing mobile apps for iOS and Android from a single codebase. At Newagesmb, we specialize in creating high-quality mobile applications using Flutter, a powerful and versatile framework developed by Google. 

Whether you’re a startup, a small business, or an enterprise, we have the expertise and experience to turn your app idea into reality. Our skilled Flutter developers deliver exceptional mobile experiences that meet your unique requirements.

Custom App Development

We specialize in developing custom Flutter mobile applications from scratch. Whether you have a unique app idea or a specific set of features in mind, our experienced Flutter developers will bring your vision to life.

UI/UX Design

Our team of skilled designers focuses on creating visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for your Flutter app. We ensure the app’s design aligns with your brand identity and delivers an intuitive user experience.

Cross-Platform Development

Flutter is known for its cross-platform capabilities, allowing you to reach iOS and Android users with a single codebase. Our developers leverage Flutter’s framework to develop apps that work seamlessly on multiple platforms, saving time and effort.

Migration to Flutter

If you have an existing mobile app developed using a different framework or technology, we can assist you in migrating it to Flutter. Our experts will analyze your current app and devise a migration strategy to ensure a smooth transition while preserving your app’s functionality and data.

Third-Party Integrations

We integrate various third-party services and APIs into your Flutter app to enhance its functionality. Whether you need payment gateways, social media integrations, mapping services, or analytics tools, we can seamlessly integrate them into your app.

App Testing

Our quality assurance team conducts rigorous testing to ensure your app is bug-free and performs flawlessly across different devices and operating systems. We perform functional, usability,  performance, and compatibility tests to deliver a high-quality app.

App Maintenance and Support

We offer maintenance and support services to run your Flutter app smoothly. It includes regular updates, bug fixes, performance optimization, and assistance with platform updates and new feature integrations.

App Deployment and Store Submission

Once your app is ready, we guide deploying it to the respective app stores, such as the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. We assist you in preparing the necessary app store assets, metadata, and submission process, ensuring a successful launch.

Post-Launch Monitoring and Analytics

We help you set up analytics tools to monitor user engagement, app usage, and other essential metrics. This data helps make informed decisions to optimize your app’s performance and user experience.

Consultation and Strategy

Our team of experts is available for consultation and strategic guidance throughout the app development process. We provide insights and recommendations based on industry best practices to ensure your app’s success.

Experience the Advantages of Flutter


Cross-Platform Compatibility

Flutter allows us to develop apps that run seamlessly on iOS and Android platforms, saving time and resources.


Fast Development

With Flutter's reload feature, we can change your app's code and instantly see the results, making the development process faster and more efficient.


Beautiful User Interfaces

Flutter offers a set of customizable widgets, allowing us to create appealing and engaging user interfaces in line with your brand identity.


High Performance

Flutter's reactive framework enables us to build fast apps with smooth animations and quick response times, ensuring an excellent user experience.

Newagesmb for Flutter Mobile App Development

At Newagesmb, we specialize in creating high-quality mobile applications using Flutter. Our team comprises skilled Flutter developers with extensive experience building high-quality mobile applications. We prioritize your business objectives and work closely with you throughout the development to ensure we meet your expectations. We follow industry-standard best practices and conduct thorough testing to deliver robust and reliable mobile apps. 

In addition, we understand the importance of deadlines and strive to deliver your app on time without compromising quality. Throughout the process, we maintain open communication with you, providing regular progress updates and seeking your feedback and input. We strive to ensure the app development process is collaborative and transparent, resulting in a high-quality Flutter mobile app that meets your business goals and user expectations.

Technologies offered under Flutter App Development

These technologies and others in the Flutter ecosystem contribute to high-quality, efficient, and visually appealing mobile apps using Flutter.

Flutter Framework

Flutter itself is a primary technology used in Flutter app development. It is an open-source UI framework developed by Google, enabling developers to build cross-platform apps using a single codebase.

Dart Programming Language

Flutter apps get built using the Dart programming language. Dart is a modern and object-oriented language optimized for UI development, providing a reactive framework and allowing for efficient code execution.


Firebase is a comprehensive mobile development platform offered by Google. It provides a wide range of services that can get integrated into Flutter apps, such as real-time databases, cloud storage, authentication, push notifications, and analytics.


Flutter apps often leverage RESTful APIs to interact with backend systems and retrieve or send data. These APIs facilitate communication between the app and the server, enabling seamless integration with various data sources and services.


JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), a lightweight data-interchange format employed in Flutter app development. Flutter apps often use HTTP libraries to make API calls, retrieve JSON data, and parse it for use within the app.

State Management Libraries

Flutter offers various state management solutions for efficient management and updating app states. Popular libraries include Provider, Redux, MobX, and Riverpod. These libraries help maintain app state consistency and facilitate efficient app updates.

Flutter Plugins

Flutter has a rich ecosystem of plugins that extend its capabilities and allow integration with native device features. These plugins enable functionalities such as camera access, geolocation, device sensors, social media sharing, and more.

Testing Frameworks

Flutter provides testing frameworks like unit testing, integration testing, and widget testing. These frameworks help ensure the stability and reliability of Flutter apps by detecting and fixing issues during the development process.

Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) Tools

Various CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Bitrise, and Fastlane get used to automate build, testing, and deployment processes. These tools ensure seamless integration, testing, and delivery of app updates.

IDEs and Code Editors

Flutter development also uses IDEs like Android Studio, Visual Studio Code, or IntelliJ IDEA. These IDEs provide powerful code editing features, debugging tools, and Flutter-specific extensions to streamline the development workflow.

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Answers to Your Questions on Flutter App Development Services

Drawing from our expertise as a leading App Development company and the common queries from our esteemed partners, we have compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions below. Our primary goal is to assist you in gaining a thorough comprehension of the essential aspects of  Flutter in app development.

Flutter refers to a UI software development kit. It allows developers to build appealing high-performing mobile apps for iOS and Android from a single codebase. You rely upon Flutter for its fast development cycle, reload feature, cross-platform compatibility, rich widget library, and excellent performance.

Yes, Flutter is well-suited for developing apps for both iOS and Android platforms. Flutter uses a single codebase. So that developers can write, code and deploy it on different platforms, saving time and effort.

Unlike other cross-platform frameworks that rely on web technologies, Flutter uses a compiled programming language called Dart. It allows Flutter to achieve native-like performance and UI rendering, resulting in smoother animations and faster app responsiveness.

Dart is the programming language employed in Flutter development. Dart is a modern, object-oriented language that offers features like a reactive framework, asynchronous programming, and a rich set of libraries to facilitate app development with Flutter.

Java has been traditionally used, while Kotlin has gained popularity in recent years due to its concise syntax and enhanced features. 

Yes, existing native apps can get migrated to Flutter. Flutter provides a way to gradually transition existing apps by integrating Flutter modules into the existing codebase. It allows developers to leverage Flutter's benefits while preserving the existing functionality.

The cost of developing a Flutter app depends on factors such as app complexity, design requirements, features, and development resources required. You can discuss your project requirements with our development team for an accurate cost estimate.

Flutter provides a responsive UI framework that automatically adapts to different screen sizes and orientations. However, thorough testing on various devices and screen sizes is essential to ensure proper compatibility. It gets achieved through testing on physical devices and using simulators or emulators.

Post-development support and maintenance can include bug fixes, security updates, compatibility updates for new OS versions, feature enhancements, and performance optimizations. It's advisable to discuss the specific support and maintenance terms with our development team and establish a service level agreement (SLA).

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