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Custom Application Development

Our forte lies in crafting tailor-made Flutter mobile applications from the ground up. Whether you have a distinctive app concept or possess a specific feature set in mind, our adept Flutter developers are poised to actualize your vision.

User Interface/User Experience Design

Our team of adept designers is dedicated to fashioning aesthetically pleasing and user-centric interfaces for your Flutter app. We ensure that the app’s design not only resonates with your brand identity but also furnishes an intuitive user experience.

Cross-Platform Development

Renowned for its cross-platform prowess, Flutter enables you to reach both iOS and Android users utilizing a unified codebase. Harnessing Flutter’s framework, our developers craft applications that seamlessly traverse multiple platforms, thereby economizing time and resources.

Migration to

If you possess a mobile app already built with an alternate framework or technology, we’re here to help you transition it to Flutter. Our experts meticulously scrutinize your current app and chart out a migration strategy to ensure a seamless transition while safeguarding your app’s functionality and data.

Integration of Third-Party Services

We seamlessly integrate a myriad of third-party services and APIs into your Flutter app to augment its functionality. Be it payment gateways, social media integration, mapping services, or analytics tools, we adeptly incorporate them into your application.


Our quality assurance team conducts exhaustive testing to ascertain that your flutter app is devoid of bugs and operates seamlessly across diverse devices and operating systems. We administer functional, usability, performance, and compatibility tests to deliver a top-tier flutter app.

Application Maintenance and Support

We offer maintenance and support services to facilitate the smooth operation of your Flutter app.  It encompasses routine updates, bug rectification, performance enhancement, and guidance regarding platform updates and integration of new features.

Application Deployment and Store Submission

Upon completion, we guide you through the process of deploying your flutter app to pertinent app stores, such as the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. We extend assistance in preparing requisite app store assets, metadata, and the submission process, ensuring a triumphant launch.

Post-Launch Monitoring and Analytics

We aid in setting up analytics tools to monitor user engagement, app usage, and other pivotal metrics. This data empowers you to make informed decisions aimed at optimizing your app’s performance and user experience.

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Partnering with NewAgeSysIT provides access to a collaborative app development process, where our experienced developers prioritize your unique needs to deliver bespoke, high-quality solutions. We guarantee timely delivery and full source code ownership, ensuring long-term control and adaptability for your project.

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Explore the Benefits of Flutter

Cross-Platform Operation

Flutter empowers us to craft applications that effortlessly operate on both iOS and Android systems, conserving valuable time and resources.


Utilizing Flutter’s reload capability, modifications to your app’s code yield instant visual feedback, accelerating the development cycle and enhancing efficiency.


User Interfaces

Leveraging Flutter’s array of customizable widgets, we can fashion captivating and interactive user interfaces that reflect your brand’s identity.


Enabled by Flutter’s reactive framework, we can construct swift applications boasting fluid animations and responsive interactions, ensuring a superior user experience.

Industries we specialize in

At NewAgeSysIT, we pride ourselves on crafting bespoke mobile applications across diverse sectors. Each application we deliver is optimized to meet the evolving needs of your sector, driving innovation and business transformation.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions you might have. If you have other questions, feel free to contact or have a consultation session

Flutter is a UI software development kit renowned for its capability to craft visually appealing and high-performing mobile applications for both iOS and Android using a unified codebase. Its allure lies in its rapid development cycle, instantaneous reload feature, compatibility across platforms, expansive widget library, and stellar performance.

Certainly, Flutter excels at crafting applications for both iOS and Android platforms. Leveraging a singular codebase, developers can seamlessly write, code, and deploy applications across multiple platforms, significantly saving time and effort.

In contrast to other cross-platform frameworks reliant on web technologies, Flutter utilizes Dart, a compiled programming language. This unique approach enables Flutter to achieve performance and UI rendering akin to native applications, resulting in smoother animations and heightened app responsiveness.

Flutter development employs Dart, a contemporary, object-oriented language offering features like a reactive framework, asynchronous programming, and an extensive set of libraries, facilitating seamless app development with Flutter.

Existing native applications can be seamlessly migrated to Flutter. Flutter offers a gradual transition process by integrating Flutter modules into the existing codebase, enabling developers to harness the advantages of Flutter while preserving existing functionality.

The cost of developing a Flutter app hinges on variables such as app complexity, design specifications, required features, and development resources. To obtain an accurate cost estimate, it's recommended to engage in a discussion with our development team regarding your project requirements.

Flutter furnishes a responsive UI framework that automatically adapts to diverse screen sizes and orientations. However, ensuring proper compatibility necessitates thorough testing across various devices and screen dimensions, accomplished through testing on physical devices and employing simulators or emulators.

Post-development support and maintenance encompass tasks such as bug fixes, security updates, compatibility enhancements for new OS versions, feature augmentation, and performance optimizations. It's wise to engage in detailed discussions regarding specific support and maintenance terms with our development team and formalize them through a service level agreement (SLA).

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