How Much Does It Cost to Create a Costco Shopping App?

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Shopping online with phones is super popular these days! Nonetheless, it makes sense because smartphones are convenient and practically everyone (that’s 7.5 billion people!) has one. This implies that retailers may reach a large number of customers using convenient shopping applications, such as Costco’s, which allows you to purchase nearly anything with a few touches, including food, clothing, medications, and electronics. With mobile commerce (m-commerce) setting the standard, the e-commerce industry has expanded significantly. Using a few taps on their phones, busy people can easily purchase groceries, food, medicine, clothes, electronics, and more using apps like Costco. We know that you are Curious about the cost implications of developing a shopping app like Costco. The cost of development can range from $20,000 to $300,000 or more on average.

Let’s explore this in detail

Factors Influencing the Cost of Creating a Shopping App Similar to Costco

Platform Compatibility

Development expenses are greatly impacted by the platform(s) chosen for app deployment, be it iOS, Android, or a cross-platform solution.

Features and Functionality

Do you just want a simple shopping list app, or do you want fancy features like personalized recommendations and real-time inventory checks? The more bells and whistles, the more it costs.

Look and feel/ UI/UX Design

Well, does your app need to be sleek and modern, or can it be more basic? All these influence the design cost. 

Integration with Third-Party Services

Development expenses are impacted by the integration of third-party services such as analytics tools, social networking platforms, CRM, payment gateways, and inventory management.

Regulatory Compliance

Are there any special laws or regulations you need to follow with your app? Following the rules can add complexity (and cost) to development.

Development Team Location

Where are the programmers who will build your app? Developers in some parts of the world charge more than others.

Keeping it Running

Just like a car, your app will need maintenance to keep it working smoothly. Budgeting for ongoing maintenance is part of the overall cost.

Crucial Elements for Creating a Costco Shopping App

Developing a wholesale eCommerce marketplace that is comparable to Costco requires an extensive range of capabilities that serve both sellers and buyers. The following features are essential for developing a shopping app:

User Account Creation and Access

This feature, which is the foundation of shopping app development, allows users to safely register and establish accounts. For added account protection, procedures like email verification or two-factor authentication can be used.

Membership System

For a wholesale eCommerce platform like Costco, implementing a membership-based system allows users to subscribe for exclusive deals, discounts, and benefits.

Product Listings

Facilitate sellers in creating detailed product listings, encompassing descriptions, images, pricing, variants, and more, to ensure a wide array of offerings.

Search and Filter

Integrate search and filter functionalities enabling users to swiftly locate products by various attributes such as name, category, and brand, and refine results based on criteria like color, price, and availability.

Order Processing

Give customers the tools they need to handle previous orders, follow shipments, request refunds or exchanges, and provide real-time order tracking for transparency.

Gateways for payments

For easy transactions, include different payment options, such as digital wallets, bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and more.

Review and Rating

Include a mechanism that allows customers to rate and review products, building trust and assisting others in making wise judgments.

Purchasing Cart

Make sure the cart contains an easy-to-use function that allows you to edit, apply discounts, and save products for later purchases.

Particularized Recommendations

Make individualized product recommendations based on customer preferences and browsing history by utilizing AI and ML approaches.

Push Alerts

Provide users with a targeted push notification system that can be adjusted to their preferences, keeping them updated on offers, delivery status, and promotions.

Safety Procedures

Put strong security measures in place to protect user data from online threats and keep industry standards compliant.

Social Exchange

Include social sharing features that let users spread product listings, increasing organic growth and brand recognition.

Features of Accessibility

Give priority to accessibility by implementing features that accommodate users with disabilities while following guidelines such as WCAG.

Reporting and Analytics

Utilize analytics tools to monitor inventory performance, sales, and consumer behavior. This will give you important information for optimization.

Purchasing in Bulk

Enable elements that facilitate bulk purchases, such as volume discounts and unambiguous warnings regarding minimum and maximum order requirements.

AI Incorporation

Use AI features like chatbots and voice search to increase user engagement and conversion rates.

Enhanced Functionalities to Include in an eCommerce App Similar to Costco

After discussing the fundamentals of developing an eCommerce app that resembles Costco, let’s explore some more sophisticated features that can improve customer purchasing and set your platform apart in a crowded industry.

AR and VR

In the current digital world, integrating AR/VR try-ons into the eCommerce app has become essential. Before making a purchase, this feature lets customers see things in their actual settings. It makes it easier to virtually try on clothes, accessories, and home décor items, which improves the online shopping experience and lowers return rates.

Visual Search Driven by AI

The app’s integration of AI-powered visual search features would surely improve consumers’ online buying experiences. With the help of this function, customers may quickly discover products by uploading images or taking pictures with their smartphone camera.

Rewards Program and Gamification

If your shopping app, like Costco, has gamification features and rewards systems, you can increase user engagement and build loyalty. Features that encourage recurring purchases and draw in new customers include rebates, loyalty points, and referral schemes.

How Can I Make a Costco-Like Shopping App?

There are various steps and factors to take into account while creating a shopping app for retail establishments. The creation of a Costco shopping app follows these steps:

Analysis and Research on the Market

To grasp online shopping app trends and comprehend the interests of your target audience, start the Costco shopping app creation process with thorough market research. Examine rivals to find gaps and difficulties in the market environment.

Describe the functions and features.

Describe the features and functionalities that are necessary for your mobile shopping app based on the results of your research. To satisfy certain product demands, think about adding other crucial features like virtual try-ons and multilingual assistance in addition to the essential elements.

Design of UI/UX

Create a UI/UX design that is visually appealing and intuitive, putting the user’s interactions and smooth navigation first. To see how the finished product will look and work, use wireframes and mockups. To improve the user experience overall, make sure that all design components, typography, color schemes, and branding are consistent.


Make your product idea a reality by creating the frontend and backend components of your application and using the right tech stack (e.g., databases, frameworks, and programming languages). Provide a thorough product catalog, incorporate a safe payment gateway, put strong security measures in place, and make sure that it works with a range of screens and devices.

Quality Control and Testing

Before releasing your shopping app to the public, put it through a rigorous testing and quality assurance process to ensure that it will continue to function and perform as intended. Early in the development cycle, make use of automated testing tools and frameworks to find and fix any problems, glitches, or errors.


Send your shopping app to the appropriate stores, including the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, making sure it complies with their policies for easy distribution and approval.

App Updates & Maintenance

With regular maintenance, keep an eye on and improve your app’s functionality, stability, and user experience. Update your software frequently to reflect changing market trends and include bug repairs, security patches, and new features. Recall that although developing a mobile shopping app is a one-time event, maintaining an app requires continuous effort.

Benefit from NewAgeSysIT's eCommerce App Development Experience

For retail businesses, shopping apps are essential tools that help them grow their online presence and maintain their competitiveness in the ever-changing digital market. Our experts at NewAgeSysIT is here to help if you’re thinking about developing a mobile shopping app.

Being a top eCommerce app development business, we are experts at developing feature-rich shopping apps that are customized to meet your requirements. With a staff of more than 500+ IT specialists, we offer flawless post-launch support and app development for Costco shopping, assisting startups and market leaders in becoming successful in their respective fields.

We have a proven track record of working with several companies to create user-friendly mobile applications that contain crucial features like payment gateways, AI, AR/VR, search and filter, and product listing. This has led to a notable increase in user acquisition and has generated over 2 million app downloads. View our portfolio to find out more.

The benefits of developing a shopping app like Costco’s or comparable platforms can outweigh the initial investment for your retail store. Join us to develop a mobile shopping app that makes a splash online. You can be confident that your happiness is our first concern.

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