iOS App Development Services

iOS App Development Consulting

Our experienced iOS App developers bring your app idea to life. Our service begins with a comprehensive consultation to assess the feasibility of the concept and develop a strategic action plan for the development process. Our experts provide invaluable insights, recommend essential features, suggest the best suitable technologies, and guide you through each stage of the app development lifecycle.

iOS UI/UX Design

Our UI/UX design services are dedicated to crafting visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces for iOS apps. By adhering to iOS design guidelines and principles, our designers create wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs that ensure consistency, enhance usability, and offer an intuitive and engaging user experience that aligns perfectly with your app's objectives.

Custom iOS Application Development

We specialize in developing custom native iOS applications tailored to your specific needs. Our skilled iOS developers create feature-rich apps that fully utilize Apple’s hardware and software capabilities, ensuring a unique and seamless user experience. Custom iOS app development enables personalized functionality and seamless integration with iOS features, setting your app apart in the marketplace.

iOS Software Testing

Our comprehensive iOS app testing services ensure your app is free from bugs, glitches, and usability issues before launch. We conduct Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Compatibility Testing, and User Acceptance Testing to ensure a smooth, reliable, and seamless exceptional user experience

Multi-platform Deployment

We expand your app’s reach with our multi-platform deployment services. Although primarily designed for Apple devices, we ensure compatibility across multiple operating systems, including Android. This broadens your audience and ensures your brand or service is accessible on all the devices your users prefer.

Post-Launch Support

Our experts at NewAgeSysIT continuously monitor and update your app to keep it current with the latest iOS updates and user expectations. We make sure your iOS app remains updated, optimized, and secured with the latest advancements and updates in the iOS App Store.

Integration with Third-Party Services

We seamlessly integrate your app with third-party services like social media platforms, payment gateways, and cloud storage to enhance its functionality. Our team of integration experts ensures your iOS app offers a seamless and positive experience for your audience.

Why should you partner with Marked LineNewAgeSysIT?

Partnering with NewAgeSysIT provides access to a collaborative app development process, where our experienced developers prioritize your unique needs to deliver bespoke, high-quality solutions. We guarantee timely delivery and full source code ownership, ensuring long-term control and adaptability for your project.

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Enhancing Your iOS App with Cutting-Edge Technologies


Our team of experienced developers leverages the latest technologies such as AI/ML solutions to develop and enrich your iOS App. We use intelligence and machine learning technologies to automate processes, foster innovation, and create new opportunities for your business.


We harness IoT technology to seamlessly connect devices, sensors, and data analytics with dedicated iOS apps. Our IoT-based iOS development services streamline operations, provide valuable insights, and help you make informed decisions through big data analysis.


As a trusted iOS app development company, our team excels in crafting captivating virtual environments. Our metaverse iOS app development makes your app stand out in a competitive market.


As a leading cloud application development service provider, we offer scalable custom cloud solutions that eliminate the need for extensive infrastructure investments. By leveraging cutting-edge cloud technologies, our iOS app development services ensure robust, scalable, and cost-effective solutions that cater to various business needs.


With our custom iOS app development services, our experts utilize blockchain technology to enhance data security and prevent breaches. With the help of blockchain technology, we ensure data integrity by restricting sensitive information access to authorized users only.


Our skilled iOS mobile app developers create immersive experiences using AR/VR technologies. By leveraging augmented and virtual reality, we drive business growth, providing valuable assets for your success.

Industries we specialize in

At NewAgeSysIT, we pride ourselves on crafting bespoke mobile applications across diverse sectors. Each application we deliver is optimized to meet the evolving needs of your sector, driving innovation and business transformation.

Social Networking
ON-Demand Services
Game App
Door to Door Sales
Real Estate
Pet Care

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iOS App Development
iOS App Development
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An On-demand service-providing application that effortlessly connects customers with hairstylist professionals and make-up artists on schedule.

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“From every single moment, from the beginning till the end, they were there for me. They were very systematic and methodical in every single step and …..”


Owner - ISRA


A stunning digital business card app with a personalized and interactive profile where a user can create and share unlimited digital cards for different customers.

100k +

Active Users

300k +

Total Appointments

“They delivered everything on time and it was of great quality. They go above and beyond to meet your requirements and deliver the product you are looking for….”

David chabukashvili

Founder - Lcard App


An on-demand app connects you with a network of experts, from car buying and selling professionals to dedicated concierges who ensure smooth appointment scheduling.

10k +

Active Users

15k +

Total Appointments

“From every single moment, from the beginning till the end, they were there for me. They were very systematic and methodical in every single step and …..”

Rojer j clappe

CEO - WhipFlip


Car-Up offers the most convenient and transparent auto repair service, disrupting the industry with unparalleled customer service.

10k +

Active Users

15k +

Total Appointments

“From every single moment, from the beginning till the end, they were there for me. They were very systematic and methodical in every single step and …..”

Larry siebel

Founder - Car-Up App

What our clients say

Genuine Video Testimonials That Shine

“They (NewAgeSysIT) were very professional from the very beginning, cost-effective, timely and able to pivot with all my ever changing requirements on this very complex mobile app that we’d built”

Rob Salerno CEO - Cliqueprize

“They are very knowledgeable in the sense that they have built so many of these types of applications that they..”

Larry Siebel Founder -CAR-UP App

“They delivered everything on time and it was of great quality. They go above and beyond to meet your requirements and deliver the product you are looking for….”

David Chabukashvili Founder -LCard App

“From every single moment, from the beginning till the end, they were there for me. They were very systematic and methodical in every single step and …..”

Iman Khawaja Owner-ISRA

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions you might have. If you have other questions, feel free to contact or have a consultation session

Absolutely! Our team can work with you to consult, brainstorm, and refine your idea. We'll help you define your target market, and ideal target users, identify and conceptualize the idea, define key features, and craft and implement strategies and action plans to bring your vision to life.

We use regular meetings, progress reports, and project management tools to keep you informed. You'll have access to our project dashboard, where you can track milestones, see progress updates, and communicate directly with our development team.

Yes, we have a team of experienced UI/UX designers who will work closely with you to create an attractive and user-friendly design. We focus on creating intuitive interfaces that enhance the user experience and align with your brand identity.

We offer various post-launch support packages that include bug fixing, performance monitoring, and regular updates. We’re here to ensure your app continues to run smoothly and evolves with user feedback and technological advancements.

We understand that ideas can evolve. Our experts follow an agile development process, which allows for flexibility. If you want to add features or make changes, we’ll discuss the impact on the timeline and budget, and then adjust our plan accordingly.

We conduct thorough testing on multiple iOS devices and versions to ensure compatibility and optimal performance. Our QA team uses both automated and manual testing methods to catch and fix any issues before launch.

Yes, we offer end-to-end services, including app submission to the App Store. We ensure your app meets all of Apple’s guidelines. Additionally, we can assist with creating a marketing strategy to promote your app and maximize its reach.

Yes, we have experience integrating iOS apps with various third-party services and platforms. Whether you need social media platform integration, IoT device connectivity, or integration with other software systems, we can build seamless and efficient solutions.

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