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DevSecOps Services

Unlock the power of security-driven development with NewAgeSysIT's comprehensive DevSecOps Services. Our tailored solutions empower enterprises to embed security seamlessly into their software development processes, ensuring robust protection against evolving cyber threats.

Threat modeling and risk assessment:
Identifying vulnerabilities and risks

Identify potential vulnerabilities and risks in your applications. We conduct comprehensive assessments to analyze potential threats, prioritize risks, and develop mitigation strategies to safeguard your digital assets.

Secure coding practices implementation:
Ensuring code integrity and compliance

Ensure code integrity and compliance with industry standards by implementing secure coding practices. We establish coding guidelines, conduct code reviews, and provide training to developers to integrate security into the software development lifecycle from the outset.

Security testing and vulnerability scanning:
Detecting and mitigating security flaws

Detect and mitigate security flaws in your applications with security testing and vulnerability scanning. We leverage automated tools and manual techniques to perform thorough security assessments, identify vulnerabilities, and recommend remediation measures to fortify your defenses.

Security automation and orchestration:
Automating security processes

Automate security processes and orchestrate security controls. We integrate security tools into your CI/CD pipelines, enabling automated security scans, policy enforcement, and incident response to minimize security risks and ensure compliance.

Compliance and regulatory compliance:
Achieving regulatory compliance

Achieve regulatory compliance and meet industry standards with our compliance and regulatory compliance services. We help you navigate complex regulatory requirements, implement necessary controls, and conduct audits to ensure adherence to compliance mandates.

Security training and awareness programs:
Empowering your teams with security awareness

Empower your teams with the knowledge and skills to address security challenges effectively. We offer customized training sessions, workshops, and awareness programs to educate employees on security best practices and foster a culture of security awareness.

Incident response and threat remediation:
Responding swiftly to security incidents

Respond swiftly to security incidents and threats with us. Our dedicated incident response team assists in incident identification, containment, eradication, and recovery, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations and preserving data integrity.

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