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At NewAgeSysIT, we pride ourselves on crafting bespoke mobile applications across diverse sectors. Each application we deliver is optimized to meet the evolving needs of your sector, driving innovation and business transformation.

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At NewAgeSysIT, we leverage the latest tools and technological advancements to achieve your goals, from enhancing brand presence to stimulating business growth. Our team of engineers employs cutting-edge tools and technologies to create standout applications, poised to make a significant impact in your industry.

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Why should you partner with Marked LineNewAgeSysIT?

Partnering with NewAgeSysIT provides access to a collaborative app development process, where our experienced developers prioritize your unique needs to deliver bespoke, high-quality solutions. We guarantee timely delivery and full source code ownership, ensuring long-term control and adaptability for your project.

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App of the year – L-Card Developed by NewAgeSysIT
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iOS App Development
iOS App Development
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An On-demand service-providing application that effortlessly connects customers with hairstylist professionals and make-up artists on schedule.

10k +

Active Users

15k +

Total Appointments


“From every single moment, from the beginning till the end, they were there for me. They were very systematic and methodical in every single step and …..”


Owner - ISRA


A stunning digital business card app with a personalized and interactive profile where a user can create and share unlimited digital cards for different customers.

100k +

Active Users

300k +

Total Appointments

“They delivered everything on time and it was of great quality. They go above and beyond to meet your requirements and deliver the product you are looking for….”

David chabukashvili

Founder - Lcard App


An on-demand app connects you with a network of experts, from car buying and selling professionals to dedicated concierges who ensure smooth appointment scheduling.

10k +

Active Users

15k +

Total Appointments

“From every single moment, from the beginning till the end, they were there for me. They were very systematic and methodical in every single step and …..”

Rojer j clappe

CEO - WhipFlip


Car-Up offers the most convenient and transparent auto repair service, disrupting the industry with unparalleled customer service.

10k +

Active Users

15k +

Total Appointments

“From every single moment, from the beginning till the end, they were there for me. They were very systematic and methodical in every single step and …..”

Larry siebel

Founder - Car-Up App

What our clients say

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“They (NewAgeSysIT) were very professional from the very beginning, cost-effective, timely and able to pivot with all my ever changing requirements on this very complex mobile app that we’d built”

Rob Salerno CEO - Cliqueprize

“They are very knowledgeable in the sense that they have built so many of these types of applications that they..”

Larry Siebel Founder -CAR-UP App

“They delivered everything on time and it was of great quality. They go above and beyond to meet your requirements and deliver the product you are looking for….”

David Chabukashvili Founder -LCard App

“From every single moment, from the beginning till the end, they were there for me. They were very systematic and methodical in every single step and …..”

Iman Khawaja Owner-ISRA
NewAgeSysIT Reviews

Rated 4.9 Clutch Reviews


The application has grown from zero to 8,400 downloads thanks to NewAgeSys IT’s efforts and quality work. The team is timely, straightforward, responsive, and cost-effective. They only charge money after completing a phase and always solve the client’s needs or concerns promptly.

Anne Walsh, Founder - Palliative Wound Pro

Verified Review

NewAgeSys IT successfully delivered a platform that saved task processing and data consultation time. NewAgeSys IT's team delivered on time and within budget, using Google Sheets to track the project. The team also praised the team's commitment to success.

Myron Bowlin - VP,Central Florida Transport (CFT)

Verified Review

NewAgeSys IT's application exceeds the client's expectations and has 2.5 million users worldwide. The client's YouTube channel has grown, achieving 225,000 monthly users. NewAgeSys IT is responsive and adapts to the client's schedule, communicating via FaceTime, phone calls, and email.

Rob Evans - Music Composer

Verified Review

The app is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store, and the client is satisfied with NewAgeSys IT’s work and performance. The team ensures everything is on time and works with the client to fit their budget. Moreover, they stand out for their professionalism and accommodating attitude.

Richard Thomas - Owner, Petpalz

Verified Review

NewAgeSys IT has successfully delivered a stable, functional, and customizable application that gets new downloads every day. The team delivers on time, stays within budget, and communicates effectively through emails and virtual meetings. Overall, they’re a great partner and fairly priced.

Larry Seibel - CEO, Car-up

Verified Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions you might have. If you have other questions, feel free to contact or have a consultation session

NewAgeSysIT is one of the leading mobile app development services providers in New Jersey, we specialize in:

  • iOS App Development
  • Android App Development
  • Flutter App Development
  • React Native App Development
  • Wearable App Development
  • Web App Development
  • Cross-Platform Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Consulting and Prototyping
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Cloud deployment and App Store Submission
  • App Development Maintenance and Support
Cost Factors:
  • App complexity: The cost of app development increases when the complexity of the app increases.
  • Features and functionality: The inclusion of a large set of features increases the app's development time and cost.
  • Design and user interface: Creating customized app wireframes and designs may increase the app development cost.
  • Development team's location and experience: There is no doubt that App development costs vary depending on the geographic location of the project team and their experience.
  • Target Platforms: Picking up the platforms like whether to go for Android, iOS, or both will also affect how much it costs to develop an app.
Mobile app development timeline:
  • Simple Apps: 2 to 3 months
  • Complex Apps: 6 to 8 months

For a more accurate estimate tailored to your specific needs, please contact our app development experts or you may also consider using our AppCost Calculator.

We offer full maintenance and support services for mobile app development, including:

  • Software upgrades
  • Automated backups
  • Issue management
  • Ongoing support and bug fixes
  • Performance and security enhancements
  • Version upgrades
  • Performance monitoring

Yes! We have a flexible adaptive model for developing software that is customized to fit your business needs. With a variety of software development services, we cater to different industries making your business successful.

Our software development services include:

  • Software development consulting
  • Custom software development
  • Enterprise software development
  • Software product development
  • Software Integration
  • Custom CRM development
  • API development
  • ERP software development

We prioritize security and quality by:

  • Signing Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) for confidentiality
  • Aligning software development processes with compliance standards (GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS)
  • Following best practices and rigorous testing protocols

Yes, we offer software integration and data migration services. We ensure maximum integration efficiency and also ensure a seamless data transition that maintains integrity, as part of our software development service offering.

Native app development:
  • Built using platform-specific programming languages.
  • Technologies: Swift or Objective-C for iOS and Java or Kotlin for Android
Cross-platform app development:
  • A single codebase runs on multiple platforms (iOS, Android)
  • Technologies: React Native, Flutter
Hybrid mobile app development:
  • Combines web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) within a native container
  • Tools: Ionic, Apache Cordova
  • Time & material or fixed price contract model: A Project Manager coordinates the development process.
  • Dedicated team contract model: You have the control to manage the team and the development process.
Consider these key questions:
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What do the users expect?
  • What are the development costs?
  • What are the security implications?
  • How well will the platform integrate with other systems?

These considerations are crucial for choosing the right mobile app development services.

NewAgeSysIT has been in business for over 25 years, offering world-class mobile apps to companies worldwide. We use advanced and latest technologies for app development to ensure that your application delivers its best, fulfills your business aspirations, and also offers excellent support and maintenance services after launching it. Our software development offerings include mobile application development and web application development, tailored to fit your requirements. Besides, we also offer staff augmentation services that give you the ability to scale your team of developers quickly and effectively. For matchless expertise, quality, and efficient software solutions, choose NewAgeSysIT.

NewAgeSysIT's IT staff augmentation services entail providing experts who have exceptional abilities who integrate into the company's existing team smoothly. We start by determining what kind of experts you need based on the specific project requirements. Our team fully becomes a part of your company and aligns perfectly with the culture of your organization. This allows you to grow the size of your team more flexibly to meet deadlines set for each project or any other business objectives without committing yourself too much to employment costs.

There are different types of IT staff augmentation at NewAgeSysIT to suit different business requirements including:

  1. Short-Term Augmentation: These are projects that require additional resources within a specified period like peak times or certain phases of development.
  2. Long-Term Augmentation: Ongoing projects might be best suited here or when there is a persistent need over a longer time frame.
  3. Skill-Based Augmentation: This facilitates access to specialized knowledge/skills not present inside an organization such as niche technologies/advanced programming techniques.
  4. Project-Based Augmentation: Involves dedicating a team of specialists to complete a project.

The IT staff augmentation proposal from NewAgeSysIT is comprehensive and tailored to your specific needs. It typically includes:

  • Project overview: A detailed understanding of your project requirements and objectives.
  • Resource plan: A list of proposed professionals, their skills, experience, and roles within your project.
  • Engagement model: Clear terms of engagement, including the duration of the augmentation, working hours, and communication protocols.
  • Cost estimate: A transparent breakdown of costs, including hourly rates or fixed costs, and any additional expenses.
  • Onboarding process: Steps for integrating the augmented staff with your existing team, including training and orientation.
  • Support and management: Details on ongoing support, performance monitoring, and management to ensure project success.

Availing IT staff augmentation services from NewAgeSysIT is a straightforward process:

  • Initial consultation: You can reach out to us and explain your project requirements as well as staffing needs.
  • Requirement analysis: We will then take time to go through your requirements fully so that we get the full picture of what skills are required.
  • Talent selection: Once this is done we shall use the obtained information in step two to identify the most suitable candidates that can be fetched from our pool containing highly talented resources.
  • Proposal submission: A detailed proposal that includes an engagement model, resource plan, and cost estimate shall be provided by us.
  • Agreement and onboarding: When an agreement is executed, you will have our professionals integrated into your group without any hitches during the onboarding stage.
  • Ongoing support: This ensures efficient management and continued success of augmented staff working for your project.

Contact NewAgeSysIT today to explore how our IT staff augmentation services can help you achieve your business goals efficiently and effectively.

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