Car Valuation and Sale Platform

WhipFlip’s team has over 100 years of combined expertise in all facets of the automotive industry, consumer services, and digital technology. They approached NewAgeSysIT with a goal of developing a suite of products and services built for consumers as well as the automotive industry to easily liquidate vehicles with zero friction.

The Problem

Lack of online platforms that helps consumers to sell their car in few clicks

It was always a huge pain to sell or trade an automobile on your own. There did not exit any reliable and technology driven platform that would make selling an automobile easier, faster, and risk-free.

Whipflip sought to use proprietary technology that is aligned with how consumers transact most things today, in combination with major industry partners, to deliver a quick transaction for most automobiles, allowing customers and sellers to complete the process using their cellphones.

AI based Vehicle Valuation Tool

Technology helps you identify & assess damage on vehicles – instantly based on smart phone images or videos.

Autocheck vehicle history API

Detect vehicle history issues (ex. accident, salvage, flood, theft, etc.) and assess deductions from the final offer.

Quote Engine

Predicting Used Car Prices with Machine Learning Techniques

Online paperwork title transfer.

Integrated with DocuSign, HelloSign to facilitate easy documents signing

How It Works

3 Easy Steps Select,
Snap, and Sell!

Get a Quote

Select your vehicle and enter its basic details to get an instant WhipFlip online quote. Only takes 1 minute!

Lock in an offer

Simply walk around your car using our AUTOMATED vehicle photo capture tool. You’ll have an offer in 1 minute!

Get paid

Accept offer, and upload a pic of your license, title, or payoff letter. Then set a time & place to sell…

What happens Next?

Whipflip Car Concierge will arrive to:

Value Proposition

Whipflip is customer-centric business.





Quote Engine

Predicting Used Car Prices with Machine Learning Techniques


AI Tool integration

Implementing AI Tools using third party providers



Custom camera functions in mobile browsers as well as desktop browsers was a huge constraint

How we got started.

The product discovery phase is the most important first stage in laying a solid basis for the app's development. It includes a functional specification, UX/UI design, and a visual prototype to give a clear idea of what the final product will look like. This stage usually takes 4-6 weeks.


Define a full scope of work and develop a roadmap for the project


Craft a convincing investment pitch


Set a realistic budget for your MVP and plan your resources


Get to know your team


Test the waters with your audience using a visual prototype

Whipflip Advantages

No strainers or tire-kickers wasting customers time.

Paid on the spot and ownership transfer handled.

Sell instantly, not in days or months 3 easy steps, in less than 5 minutes.

No weird trade-in math or low-balls. real competitive true market offers

Whipflip come to you, just tell them when and where.

Spend time living your best life… not trying to sell your car

Technology Stack




The Result

Whipflip web app was successfully delivered and launched within the planned deadline. We worked diligently to curate all API needed to optimize the user experience and Quote engine. The core part of the application the instant quote is aided with a dynamic AI based vehicle valuation module.

The final result the WhipFlip web app is here to eliminate the hassle, time waste, and risk associated with selling one of the most expensive and difficult assets to sell an automobile

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