Various Industries that Benefit from Creating an App that Uses Geolocation

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Mobile apps with geolocation features can provide an easy and convenient user experience. Almost all industry verticals can use geolocation in their app to streamline their user experience and internal processes. Here, we list the use cases of geolocation in some of the major industry verticals and how these businesses can benefit from it.

Retail Business

The retail business gains a lot by creating an app with geolocation capability. They can use location-based ads to market their business. Hence, prospective customers within a specific distance can be targeted and enticed to come into their store. The stores can send push notifications to their prospects using targeted ads, provided they know the user’s preferences. If the retail business has multiple stores, an app can navigate the customer to the nearest store.

On-Demand Services

Creating a geolocation app is a must for on-demand services, including the transportation industry. Taking the example of an on-demand transportation service, you will notice how you can set a location for pick-up at your convenience through such an app. There is no confusion about the pick-up or drop-off locations when using a geolocation app. The success of on-demand transportation apps like Uber, Lyft, etc., proves how helpful geolocation features can be for on-demand services. Furthermore, transportation is not the only on-demand service that benefits from geolocation. Every on-demand service requires the service provider to reach their customer’s location.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has also experienced revolutionary changes with the introduction of advanced geolocation applications. Nowadays, nearly every modern vehicle is equipped with a robust geolocation app or GPS, which has become an integral component of the vehicle’s multimedia system.

However, the automotive industry does not limit the use of geolocation to their navigation system. Geolocation now plays a vital role in rationalizing the fleet operations of automotive companies. Some of the significant capabilities that automotive companies get from geolocation features include:

  • Tracking vehicle location in the field.
  • Monitoring driver behavior (speed, idling, etc.)
  • Optimizing fleet routes.
  • Monitoring vehicle condition.

Logistics and Supply Chain

The logistics and supply chain is another industry that significantly benefits from creating a geolocation app. GPS technology makes it possible for companies to track all their cargo, transported via all mediums, including road, sea, and sky. Furthermore, geolocation features allow customers to access detailed information on their orders or upcoming packages. Hence, courier companies can quickly provide their customers with real-time tracking features.

Hotels and Restaurants

Hotels and restaurants have dedicated apps that let users have a map view of their accommodation options. It automatically detects the user’s location to suggest the nearest hotel and restaurant to them.

Furthermore, some hotels offer dedicated mobile apps equipped with all features, including remote check-in, indoor navigation, and more. Even hotels provide keyless entry to the rooms by using a proximity beacon that works with the hotel’s mobile app.

Fitness and Healthcare

Fitness and healthcare apps also benefit significantly from having a geolocation feature. They can use location-based tech to help their users monitor their day-to-day physical activities. Google Health, Runtastic, etc., are examples of geolocation apps in fitness and healthcare. Furthermore, a healthcare app lets users find a doctor in their locality and book appointments. Hence, it can also be used as a telemedicine solution that enables patients and doctors to stay connected.

Social Networks And Messengers

Social networks and messenger applications also use geolocation in different ways. One of the primary uses of geolocation in social network apps is to share your location with friends and mark it in your post/story as we do on apps like Instagram. However, from the admin side, the geolocation feature is ideal for targeted ads, which is a significant revenue source for social networks. Facebook even asks businesses to specify the preferred location where their ads are displayed.


Geolocation has a wide range of applications. Creating an app with geolocation benefits the user and the business owners in their ways. Furthermore, geolocation can be used for almost every industry vertical. However, you need an expert developing partner like NewAgeSysIT to ensure the full capability of geolocation features is utilized in your mobile app.

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