Top Reference Apps for Parental Control App Developers in Florida

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As technology continues to grant access to both beneficial and harmful content, the demand for parental control apps is steadily rising. Here, we explore some of the premier parental control apps available today.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny stands out as a top contender in the current market of parental control apps. Its standout feature, which sets a benchmark for app developers, is its intuitive and consistently designed interface.

Additionally, Net Nanny offers an advanced web filtering option, empowering users to establish comprehensive filters for optimal content management. The app also boasts reliable geolocation and time management features.

However, it’s worth noting that Net Nanny leans towards the pricier side and is primarily geared towards Android devices, leading to some feature discrepancies on iOS platforms.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Another prominent parental control app worth referencing for developers in Florida is Kaspersky Safe Kids. Its affordability is a major draw, as it offers full features on both free and paid tiers, contributing to its widespread adoption.

Furthermore, Kaspersky Safe Kids enables parents to monitor PCs, including Macs, enhancing its appeal. Nonetheless, its web portals could benefit from improved speed, and its mobile app is often criticized for subpar design.

Norton Family

Norton Family emerges as a top choice for Android and Windows users seeking robust web filters and monitoring capabilities. Its seamless integration across multiple devices and children makes it a favored option among parents, particularly on Windows platforms.

Despite its strengths, Norton Family’s mobile app would benefit from enhancements, and its compatibility is limited to Android and Windows, excluding Mac OS devices.


Regarded by many parental app developers in Florida as ideal for Apple or iOS devices, OurPact boasts an impeccably designed interface with seamless navigation. Its powerful iOS features and capacity to manage up to twenty devices make it a comprehensive parental control solution. However, OurPact’s web filtering capabilities are somewhat constrained, and its pricing is comparatively higher than alternatives.

Google Family Link

For those seeking a well-designed and free parental control app, Google Family Link presents an excellent option. Despite its no-cost nature, Google Family Link maintains an attractive and functional design, delivering impressive performance.

Nevertheless, the tool’s limitations include its inability to operate on kids’ iPhones and its restricted web filtering options.


Qustodio’s parental control app offers extensive multi-platform support and can even monitor phone calls and texts, catering to a wide range of user needs. Despite the varying price points, users can access a diverse array of features from Qustodio. However, the app’s web filtering feature may sometimes prove to be inaccurate and unreliable.

Screen Time

For those in search of an intuitive parental control app with robust access management capabilities, Screen Time fits the bill. Its task/reward system simplifies parental control over digital media. Nonetheless, the app’s location tracking and filter options come at a premium, and it lacks the capability to monitor texts or calls on devices.

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