On-Demand Babysitting App Development in Florida: Cost and Features

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Babysitting apps are now in extreme demand in Florida. However, not every babysitting app can succeed in the highly-competitive market. You need to know some secrets to ensure that your babysitting app can be a successful venture.

An on-demand babysitting app needs to have three parts, which are:

  • An app for the parents/users.
  • An app for babysitters.
  • The admin panel for the business owner.


Here are the main features you need to include in each of the three parts of the babysitting app.

Babysitting App Features For Parents

Push Notifications

Push notifications enable parents to get real-time updates on the babysitting services. It alerts the parents (user) about the latest offers, successful transactions, etc.

Availability Feature

The feature can also let the parents see the availability of sitters, including their time slots or dates when a babysitter is available.

Feature

A sign-in feature enables the parents to access a personalized dashboard to book babysitting services and create a profile for themselves.

Live Chat Support

The live chat support feature is an easy and convenient way for customers to communicate with your babysitting business. It lets the parent communicate directly with the babysitter or the company.

Service History Feature

Babysitting app development in Florida must allow the parent to access details about their past hired babysitters, payment details, etc.

Service Fee Estimation

The app should provide an accurate service fee estimation to the customers before booking a babysitter. It enables the parent to determine whether a service is affordable to them or not.

Multiple Payment Options

Easy and convenient payment options are a must for any on-demand app development in Florida. Ensure multiple payment options, including mobile wallet, card payments, cash on delivery, etc.

Booking Or Scheduling Feature

The app should have an easy and convenient booking or scheduling feature to set up babysitting appointments with the nanny.

Live Tracking

Parents are always concerned about their children, and a live tracking feature enables them to track the whereabouts of their nanny and child.

View Babysitter Profile

View Babysitter Profile Let parents view the profile for individual babysitters. The profile should include a verification mark, details about the sitter, and the reviews they received.

Babysitting App Features For Babysitter Or Nannies


Registration for Babysitter enable people to apply for babysitter roles in your business directly through the babysitting app. The sitter should provide all necessary features and get the furnished details verified remotely.

View Parent & Child Information

The app must provide the sitter with all the necessary features of the parent and child, such as their names, address, etc.

GPS Location

The babysitter app should have GPS capability to guide the sitters accurately to the customer’s address.

Transaction Tracking

Babysitters should have the capability to keep track of their payments via the app easily.

Availability Feature

The nannies or babysitters should have a feature that they can use to show their availability to parents. For example, such a feature lets the sitters mark their availability as busy, available, etc.

Service History

The sitters should also be able to access the details of their previous babysitting services such as customer name, payment, etc.

Babysitting App Features For Admin Panel

The admin panel of the babysitter app should have advanced management features such as:

  • User management.
  • Dashboard¬†management.
  • Babysitter management.
  • Payment management.
  • Earnings and commissions management.
  • Report/statement generation.
  • Background check for babysitters.
  • Social media verification.
  • ID verifications.

Cost For Developing A Babysitting App

The cost for developing an on-demand babysitting app can vary based on different factors.¬†However, typically the cost of developing an on-demand babysitting app in Florida can be around $10,000. This price can either go up or down based on the app’s features and design elements you wish to use.


On-demand babysitting apps are more complex than other on-demand apps because parents demand extra security for such apps. Therefore, you need an app developer like NewAgeSysIT to ensure that your on-demand babysitting app is equipped with all the advanced features. These features allow the parents to ensure that their kids are in safe hands.

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