Revitalizing Solar Sales through Technological Transformation

The Client

Nomo, a trailblazer in solar sales technology, sales enablement, and nationwide solar lead generation, stands as a premier industry leader headquartered in the USA. At the forefront of innovation, Nomo has cultivated an ecosystem that seamlessly interconnects top-tier solar sales experts, leading solar installation firms, and diverse solar financing options nationwide. This unique network empowers customers to effortlessly incorporate solar solutions into their homes, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

The Challenges

Nomo grappled with several challenges within their existing platform

Sales Outreach Process Management

Nomo faced difficulties in effectively steering its sales outreach process. This encompassed the intricate tasks of identifying potential leads, initiating contact, and nurturing customer relationships.

Data Tracking

Effectively tracking data posed a significant challenge for Nomo. The absence of a centralized system made it difficult to maintain current and precise information about customers, including their preferences and interaction history.

Commission Calculation for Sales Representatives

The intricacies of calculating commissions for sales representatives became a cumbersome task for Nomo. The lack of an efficient system hindered the accurate determination and timely distribution of commissions based on sales performance, leading to time-consuming processes and the risk of occurrences of errors.

Lack of Centralized System

The absence of a centralized system lay at the heart of Nomo’s operational challenges. This deficiency led to inefficiencies across various facets of their business processes. A centralized system, acting as a hub where all pertinent data and processes converge, is pivotal for promoting better coordination, communication, and overall transparency. Without this, Nomo encountered difficulties accessing real-time information, making informed decisions, and maintaining a streamlined workflow.

The Solution

Door Knocking App (Prospect+)

NewAgeSysIT developed the Prospect+ app tailored for Nomo, serving as an all-encompassing platform for sales representatives. This intuitive tool empowers representatives to log in, access home information, and efficiently manage door-to-door sales activities.

Noteworthy features include:

– Map view for streamlined area management.

– Independent PINs for each home, ensuring personalized interactions.

– Real-time updates on customer status for instant insights.

– Appointment scheduling capabilities for organized sales activities.

– Data collection on yearly electricity bills and home energy usage for tailored solutions.

– Seamless communication between sales reps and vendors, fostering collaboration.

Cloud-based CRM Software (Base. nomo

Addressing Nomo’s need for a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, we introduced Base. Nomo. This platform facilitates the seamless management of sales activities across different branches, offering:

– Centralized sales data repository for consolidated information.

– Accessibility by sales representatives for real-time updates, ensuring timely actions.

– Detailed sales information and analytics for informed decision-making.

– Leaderboards identifying top-performing salespersons, fostering healthy competition.

– Improved collaboration and coordination among team members for enhanced productivity.

Commission Calculator

NewAgeSysIT introduced a dedicated platform for commission calculation, empowering sales representatives to forecast commissions effortlessly. This intuitive tool boasts key features such as:

– User-friendly interface for straightforward commission calculations.

– Weekly commission breakdowns for granular insights.

– Anticipated commission previews, aiding in performance projections.

– Seamless integration with other platforms for unified access, ensuring a cohesive workflow.


The Result

The development and incorporation of cloud-based CRM, and sales management system sparked a profound transformation in Nomo’s business dynamics:

  • Streamlined the sales outreach process, significantly boosting customer engagement.
  • Elevated sales management to new heights, offering valuable insights through advanced analytics.
  • Revolutionized commission calculations, ensuring transparency and efficiency in the process.