How We Helped Moly and Expand Their Digital Presence by Launching Mobile App Across Global Markets

About Moly

A native mobile and web application using hybrid technology to facilitate sales and delivery services for alcohol and tobacco products.
MOLY is an e-commerce platform that helps customers get a variety of alcoholic products delivered to their doorstep directly from local retailers in less than 60 minutes.



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The client approached us with an idea to develop a project that would allow him to manage his liquor delivery business without much of a hassle. At the time (this was pre-pandemic), his business ran purely offline- customers had to physically visit his store to buy alcoholic products. Our client had to manage his inventory himself, by directly communicating with stores and other outlets.

During the pandemic, his business took a hit. This is when he came up with the idea for developing a mobile and web application to help him connect with stores and other outlets online- which would save him a lot of time, money and physical effort. The idea was simple: help customers place orders from the comfort of their homes and get them delivered directly to their doorstep.


Creating an e-commerce application was easy.The hard part was getting an application dealing with liquor products published. This is because liquor-related e-commerce products come with a risk of getting rejected, which can cause all the time, effort and resources put into the project to be in vain.

Nevertheless, the NewAgeSysIT team decided to take the risk and go forward with the project.Considering the above, we had to ensure that we restrict unwanted access to the app and web contents.

Another challenge was to ensure that the orders get delivered to the right person, for which the team had to conduct a ton of research to come up with the solution. But even though research took a long time, the task was successfully accomplished and the client was satisfied.

The proposed solution for Moly USA and other locations was developed using new-age and open-source technologies such as:

Features of the app

Customer- web and mobile application

  • Place orders for liquor products and get them delivered to your doorstep
  • Gift products to people not using the app
  • Realtime tracking of delivery agent on the map
  • Communicate directly with the store and the delivery agent via call
  • Hasslefree cancellation and refund process

Store- web application

  • Manage inventories and publish them for customers to place orders
  • Receive sale orders and process them for delivery
  • Communicate with the customers directly over phone to settle disputes or cancellations

Delivery agent- mobile application

  • View and search for orders in the vicinity
  • Pickup and deliver nearby orders
  • Ensure delivery of orders to the right person
  • Communicate with the store over the phone to settle any disputes or cancellations


The MOLY application is now available for download, gaining more popularity with every single day, earning new orders and users. It can also be accessed through the internet. NewAgeSysIT is proud of MOLY and has designated it a massive success that has met all the client requirements.

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