L Card

Building a Stunning Digital Business Card App


L Card, a client from the USA,  sought to develop a user-friendly mobile app and website for creating and managing digital business cards.

The idea behind the project


  • To accurately identify and separate information like names and designations, contact details from the card presented a technical hurdle.
  • We solved this challenge by integrating OCR technology from ABBYY FineReader. This powerful tool extracts text from scanned paper cards with exceptional accuracy, automatically segregating names and designations from other details.



Develop a user-friendly mobile application and website for building digital cards.


Implement a Design Suite with rich templates where a user can create and share unlimited cards for different occasions and customers.


Integrate the Business Card Scanner feature.


Integrate popular CRM platforms.


Implement Advanced features for business cards.

Strategy and Process

We start by analyzing the client’s needs. Then, we developed a user-friendly website and an app for creating stunning digital business cards.

Integrated a Design suite rich with templates, customization options, and logo integration for branding.

Integrated OCR technology powered by ABBYY FineReader for accurate information capture and organization of contact information.

Integrated Seamless connection with popular CRM platforms like Salesforce, Google Contacts, and Outlook.

Implemented Advanced features like Smart email signatures, QR code sharing, video integration, and insightful analytics.

Technology Stack

Key Takeaway

  • L Card exceeded the client’s expectations, driving a surge in app downloads and website traffic.
  • L Card received recognition as one of the top 3 Emerging Mobile Apps for Business at GMASA(Global Mobile App Summit & Awards).
  • L Card’s success demonstrates the power of combining user-
    centric design, innovative features, and smart technology integrations to deliver a valuable solution in a competitive market.

  • By addressing the client’s challenges and exceeding expectations, we helped L Card establish itself as a leading player in the digital business card space.

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