How to Optimize Apps for Google Play and Apple Store

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Online firms can become so preoccupied with developing a mobile app that they overlook digital marketplace SEO. You must optimize your app’s qualities to ensure that it performs successfully in the marketplace. In this section, we will go over practical techniques to optimize your program for the Google Play Store and Apple program Store.

Multivariate Testing

Using a multivariate testing method for app store optimization is usually recommended. Multivariate testing entails evaluating your app to find which features produce the highest ROI for your app business.

The testing covers visual features like icons, first images, and even videos, which are perfect for improving app performance. A practical multivariate testing strategy uses Google as a sandbox to test and identify the best possibilities for the app before porting it to iOS.

App Icons

When designing a mobile app, the icons are the only visual or aesthetic elements that can influence the user even after installation. The main reason is that the user can see the icon on their home screen. As a result, you must ensure that your app’s symbol is eye-catching and visually appealing across numerous platforms.

The iOS and Google Play Stores each have millions of apps. Your app icon should stand out from the crowd and persuade users to try it out. Using bright colors can help your app icon stand out, but make sure it is consistent with your brand and target demographic. Furthermore, the consumer may subconsciously correlate the colors with the message you wish to express.

Purpose-Based Design

Whether you’re developing an app for iOS or Android, you must always ensure that the icon design conveys purpose. Most apps today are multi-functional, therefore they require distinct design objectives at each point of the conversion funnel.

The main goal of the design is to establish a relationship between your app and its users. More significantly, you must use the structure to define the app’s value proposition.

Focus on a specific character or element

When optimizing your mobile app for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, you must prioritize specific characters or elements. For example, many games have an icon that depicts one of the game’s key characters. It’s a great method to establish an emotional connection between the user and the program.

Feature Graphics for Android Applications

The visuals that showcase Android apps in the Google App Store are referred to as feature graphics. It is the initial image displayed when the user opens the app listing. The feature graphic takes up one-third of the screen and can have a significant impact on conversion rates.

Creative Optimization Practices

There are various creative best practices to consider while optimizing apps for the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. As previously said, you can increase conversion rates by using characters in icons and prioritizing feature graphics.

Some common creative practices include keeping the feature graphic larger than 1024×500 pixels. Use JPEG formats for your feature graphics since they load faster and retain image quality. However, you can use a PNG image (24-bit) instead.

Target-Specific Metrics

To ensure your app’s success in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, you must focus on important data. For example, you should reconsider how you attract and direct the appropriate audience to the app.

KPIs can be used to assess the efficacy of your mobile app in terms of user engagement and capacity to drive desired actions. It can even assist you select icon designs that are suitable for your internet business. You can use CVR-related data to optimize your app for the App Store.


Developing an app and securing its success in the market is difficult. The suggestions above can help you optimize your mobile app for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. However, you will require a professional, such as NewAgeSysIT, to design and optimize an app for success in various digital marketplaces. Our expertise can assist you in creating a fully tailored app that will thrive in both marketplaces.

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