How to Build a Liquor Delivery App?

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Isn’t it wonderful that we can get anything we want to be delivered right to our door these days? This implies that you can even order a bottle of wine for yourself to enjoy on a weekend day while lounging back. These days, one of the most often used on-demand apps is for alcohol delivery. It provides a convenience that was previously unavailable to the customer. As a result, an increasing number of liquor stores are preparing to develop an app for alcohol delivery. But developing an app for your liquor store without first knowing what it needs is not a simple task. We’ll look at how to create an alcohol delivery app in this article that will benefit all parties to the business transaction.

Three Different Sides of a Liquor Delivery App

As you know, liquor delivery apps work on an on-demand basis.The on-demand nature of the alcohol delivery app and the requirement for efficient communication between the customer, the retailer, and the delivery person must be taken into account. Therefore, when you develop an app for your liquor store or business, you should give priority to the following three things:

  • Customer App
  • Store App & Dashboard Panel
  • Admin Panel


Customer App: Major Features You Need To Include

User Login

Give users the option to log in to your app so you can give them a customized experience. This includes making recommendations for pertinent goods, providing deals, and much more.

Liquor Listing

You must let the users view all the drinks listed in the liquor shop/shops near their location. Allow them to view the individual prices and view their details.

Search And Filter

The search and filter function is one of the most important things you should have in the delivery app. The products must be able to be categorized by the consumer according to variables like drink type, cost, etc.

Make Orders

Users should be able to easily place orders through the app, using their preferred payment method, without having to leave it.

Order tracking

Order tracking is a critical feature that you should incorporate. Your consumers should be able to view the order status in real time and receive an anticipated delivery time via the app.

Cashless Payment

Cashless payment is now the most convenient way to pay for products and services. So, it would be a mistake not to facilitate the same in your new liquor delivery app.

Order History

It’s possible that your clients have certain tastes in drinks and that they frequently select the same one. Therefore, it makes sense to have both a repeat order function and an order history part.

Product Review & Feedback

Lastly, you want to incorporate an area for product reviews and comments so that customers may comment on the drinks and your level of service.

Store App And Dashboard Panel

Apart from the customer app, you would also need a store app with access to a well-built dashboard panel. The store app should also include both basic and sophisticated capabilities that will enable you to optimize your business’s operations. The store app must allow users to log in for alcohol stores, much like the customer app.

Additionally, the app must have sophisticated managing features. This involves having the ability to manage drink categories, costs, and profits. Moreover, the store owners should be able to view their ratings and reviews.

Admin Panel

After creating an app for customers and stores, you should focus on the admin panel. Since you are the primary business owner, you should have access to the super admin panel using an admin login. The admin panel needs to include sophisticated features that let you control settings, handle payments, and more. Additionally, make sure the admin panel can manage orders and marketing more effectively. It ought to have real-time metrics as well.


It’s not simple to create a liquor delivery app with all the features mentioned above and more. By working with a professional company like NewAgeSysIT, you can give your app all the cutting-edge features and customize it to meet your specific requirements. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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