Cost for Developing a Beauty & Salon App in Philadelphia

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Beauty salons and parlors have become integral parts of our lives. Many people visit these salons to indulge in a facial or to get their regular grooming done, which undoubtedly makes them feel fantastic. Over the years, the demand for beauty salons has only increased, with at least one person from each household visiting a parlor once a month.

A common issue customers worldwide face when visiting these salons is the long wait times and the difficulty in securing timely appointments. These drawbacks were effectively addressed with the advent of beauty and salon apps on digital platforms. These apps allowed customers to book services at their preferred salon as needed, eliminating the need to wait. Numerous salon businesses and beauticians have ventured into the beauty and salon app industry to expand their reach and attract more customers.

If you are considering entering this industry, now is a great time to do so. However, before embarking on the development of your app, it’s important to understand the associated costs. Keep in mind that these costs can vary depending on the app’s complexity and features. The first thing to consider when developing a beauty and salon app is that several factors influence the total cost of the app, which include:

  • UI/UX Design
  • Backend development
  • iOS and Android mobile application development
  • Testing and Launch


Now, let us break down each of these elements to understand the associated costs.

UI/UX Design

This is one of the most critical components in app development and usually represents a significant expense for the company. The UI/UX design ensures the app is user-friendly, visually appealing, and engaging. This design focuses on providing users with an optimal experience every time they use the app. Especially because it’s a beauty and salon app, it needs to be colorful and provide detailed descriptions of each of the services, therefore the UI/UX design will cost  around 1500$. 

Backend development

For an app offering beauty services in Philadelphia, robust backend development is essential as it manages the overall functionality of the app. The backend works in conjunction with the frontend to deliver the final product to the customer. The cost of backend development for this type of app will be around $2000-$3000.

iOS and Android mobile application development:

To maximize reach, the beauty and salon app should be available on both platforms. With customers equally divided between iOS and Android, they should be able to use this on-demand service effortlessly. Developing the app for both platforms will cost the company approximately $4000-$5000. Developing for just one platform lowers the cost compared to building an app for multiple platforms.

Testing and Launch

Ensuring the success of a salon app in Philadelphia requires thorough testing of the MVP before the final launch. This testing phase helps developers identify and address the app’s weaknesses before its release. Additionally, promoting the app through advertisements and online videos before launch will increase customer engagement. Therefore, the testing and launch process, being the final step, will cost  around $5000.

Thus, we can see that a basic on-demand beauty service app will cost companies around $11,000. As the app’s complexity increases and additional features such as real-time chats and AI/VR are incorporated, the cost can rise to approximately $12,000-$20,000.


In conclusion, developing an on-demand app for beauty services and entering the digital platform is both an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. However, if approached with utmost care and efficiency, it is likely to be successful in the marketplace. At NewAgeSys IT, we specialize in building top-tier beauty and salon apps designed to transform your business. Our expert team combines cutting-edge technology with intuitive design to create seamless, user-friendly apps that cater to your unique needs. From booking appointments and managing schedules to offering personalized promotions and real-time customer interactions, we ensure your app provides a comprehensive solution for enhancing customer experience and driving business growth. Get a free consultation now.

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