An affiliate platform for driving sales growth and candidate hiring through referrals.

The Client

Bungee, a dynamic US-based startup, recognized common challenges faced by the majority of companies: the intensive efforts required to boost sales and expedite the hiring process for qualified candidates. With a mission to address these issues, Bungee set out to develop a comprehensive platform to effectively bridge these crucial gaps.

Navigating technical challenges

Bungee encountered difficulties in acquiring the necessary technical expertise for their platform development.

Standing out in the market

Distinguishing Bungee’s platform in a competitive landscape while ensuring alignment with the target audience presented a noteworthy challenge. Balancing the uniqueness of the concept with market expectations required a thoughtful strategy to successfully position Bungee’s platform in the market.

Adapting to technological changes

The challenge of synchronizing the development process with the evolving landscape of device and software compatibility required proactive measures. Bungee faced the task of ensuring that its platform remained technologically robust and adaptable to ongoing advancements, emphasizing the need for a flexible and forward-looking development approach.

User-friendly interface design

Crafting an interface that is both visually appealing and user-friendly proved to be a delicate challenge for Bungee. Striking the right balance between an engaging design and precise navigation was crucial to meet user expectations. Ensuring simplicity in navigation without compromising functionality emerged as a pivotal aspect, underscoring the importance of meticulous user experience design.

The Solution

NewAgeSysIT initially identified the challenges faced by Bungee, prompting the assembly of our project managers, developers, and designers to strategize and meet the client’s requirements.

Requirement gathering

Conducting regular meetings, our Business Analysis team documented both functional and non-functional requirements, prioritizing features based on client preferences.

Conceptualization and Ideation

Engaging in brainstorming sessions, our team conceptualized the idea. Initial wireframes and sketches were developed to visually represent the concept.


We created a clickable prototype to showcase the pltaform’s flow and user interface. Concurrently, we collected feedback from Bungee and incorporated necessary adjustments.


Our expert designers crafted detailed UI/UX designs aligned with the approved prototype, ensuring consistency with Bungee’s brand and preferences.

Development planning

Proficient developers at NewAgeSysIT determined the technology stack, development tools, and broke down the project into manageable sprints and tasks. Time and resource estimates were provided for efficient development.

Coding and development

Our developers wrote code based on approved designs and specifications, maintaining regular communication with Bungee through demos and feedback sessions to provide updates on the progress.


Our Quality Assurance team conducted comprehensive testing, including unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing. Any identified bugs or issues were promptly addressed and resolved.


Through careful planning and execution, we prepared for the platform’s deployment on intended platforms such as the App Store and Google Play.

Post-launch support and maintenance

We monitored the platform’s performance and gathered user feedback post-launch. Ongoing maintenance and support were provided as needed, ensuring the continued success and functionality of the platform.

Platform Features

NewAgeSysIT meticulously developed the Bungee platform, incorporating a range of essential modules to enhance user experience and streamline the referral process


Customized application form

Business owners can create job openings with a fully customizable application form, which will allow the applicants to fill out the details such as their profile details, skills, experience, and any other specific information that is requested by the business owner


Video interviews

Facilitating seamless communication, users can directly engage, chat, and schedule interviews within the platform once matched.


Payment integration (Stripe)

Ensuring secure and smooth transactions for referrals, Stripe integration provides a reliable payment gateway within the platform.


Integration with Applicant Tracking System

Efficiently managing job openings and tracking applicants, the platform seamlessly integrates with companies Applicant Tracking System for a streamlined recruitment process.


Independent referral links

Bungees have the flexibility to share personalized referral links across various social media platforms, extending the reach of the referral program.



Simplifying financial tracking, users can easily identify and monitor invoices associated with referral transactions after payment.


QR code scanning

Streamlining the referral redemption process, users can utilize QR Codes sent via registered email for a hassle-free experience.


Referral bonus

Encouraging active participation, the app incorporates bonus incentives for successful referrals that result in interviews or hiring, creating a rewarding experience for users.

Feature Implementation

Through meticulous planning and strategic execution, NewAgeSysIT collaborated with Bungee to implement a robust set of platform modules, enhancing the functionality and user experience of the Bungee platform. The following features were seamlessly implemented

Customized application form

The application form was expertly implemented with a user-friendly interface, empowering candidates to create detailed profiles. Backend systems were developed to efficiently store and manage information provided by candidates.

User interface and experience

An intuitive and user-friendly interface was crafted for both candidates and companies, ensuring a seamless experience through usability testing. The focus was on optimizing the overall user journey.

Video interviews

The integration of a video conferencing API facilitated video interviews directly within the Bungee platform. Real-time chat functionality and calendar integration were also implemented to enhance candidate communication and to streamline the interview scheduling process.

Payment integration (Stripe)

The Stripe payment gateway was seamlessly integrated to handle secure and smooth transactions. Additional features were implemented to manage referral payments, track successful transactions, and efficiently handle payment-related issues.

Applicant Tracking System

Integration with the application form ensured automatic updates of the ATS with candidate data.

Independent referral links

A unique link generation system was implemented, allowing Bungees to share personalized referral links across social media. Tracking mechanisms were integrated to associate referrals with specific Bungees for accurate reward calculations.


The identification and tracking of invoices related to referral transactions were seamlessly integrated. The platform was designed to work in tandem with financial systems for the generation, storage, and management of invoices.

QR code scanning

The platform incorporated QR code scanning functionality, with customers receiving QR codes through registered mail for referral redemption. Backend systems efficiently verified and processed QR code information to credit referral rewards.

Referral bonus

A referral bonus feature was implemented, ensuring that referrers received a percentage bonus upon the successful hiring or selection of referred candidates. Integration with the ATS enabled automatic triggering of bonus calculations upon positive candidate outcomes.

Security measures

Comprehensive security measures were implemented to safeguard user data, payment information, and sensitive details, ensuring a secure and trustworthy platform for all users.

How it works

Connecting customers and candidates

The affiliate platform serves as a dynamic space for individuals to transition into “Bungees,” acting as vital connectors between businesses and job seekers, as well as facilitating connections between buyers and sellers. This feature streamlines the acquisition process for both customers and candidates.

Matching candidates and facilitating connections

At its core, Bungees play a pivotal role in matching candidates with suitable job opportunities and connecting buyers with sellers. The platform functions as a catalyst for these connections, enhancing the efficiency of the overall recruitment and transaction processes.

Personalized referral links

Each Bungee is equipped with an independent link, providing a personalized touch to their engagement on the platform. These unique links can be easily shared across various social channels, extending the platform’s reach and creating individualized connections.

Compensation for successful referrals

If an individual secures a job opportunity through the platform, the corresponding Bungee is duly compensated. This innovative compensation model encourages active participation, allowing Bungees to function either as employees or as independent connectors, contributing to the versatility of the platform’s functionality.


Improved talent and customer acquisition: Attracted qualified candidates and potential customers, optimizing acquisition strategies.

Effective push notifications: Bungee push notifications achieved a remarkable 90% open rate, surpassing email engagement at 23%, enhancing communication efficiency.

Streamlined time-to-hire: Reduced time-to-hire for companies, swiftly discovering qualified candidates and significantly lowering recruitment costs.