App developers in Pennsylvania should consider these recruitment app features

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The first thing you should know about a recruitment app is that it consists of three main components.

  • The customer application
  • The Recruiter App
  • The administrative panel


To ensure your recruitment app’s success, you must provide advanced features to each of these components. Here are the things you must have in your recruitment app.

Customer App Features

The customer app is undoubtedly the most important aspect of your recruitment app. App developers should pay special attention to the customer app because it interacts directly with your target audience. Here are the must-have consumer app features.

Sign up or log in

Every recruitment app should have a sign-up or login feature. It is usually the initial screen that the user interacts with after installing the program. Users can register for your app and log in with their email addresses. You may also allow the user to sign up or check in with their social media credentials.

Personalized Profile

App developers in Pennsylvania must include a personalized profile in their recruitment app. Users can update their profile to reflect changing employment requirements and receive personalized recommendations for relevant opportunities. 

Search and Filter Options

Your recruitment app should provide a sophisticated search and filter feature that allows users to swiftly find the job openings they want. Make sure the search feature can swiftly identify terms and return appropriate results.

Resume Uploading and Mailing

Recruitment app developers in Pennsylvania must verify that their app allows users to upload their resumes. The user should be able to update their résumé based on new abilities they learn and mail their resumes to specific job applications.

Push Notifications

Another key feature to have in your customer app is an alert or push message based on their activity. You can also send notifications to the user informing them of the most recent job updates, recruiter answers, etc.

Bookmarking Jobs and Companies

The customer app should also allow the user to save jobs or firms that they are interested in applying to. It allows the user to keep track of available positions at a given company and apply for them later.

Payment Gateway Integration

Another important feature to include in your client app is payment gateway integration. The app should provide rapid and flexible payment methods, allowing them to purchase any package from the app.

Recruiter App Features

The recruiter app also contains certain critical capabilities that are shared with the customer app. For example, the recruiting app should include a signup or login function. Recruiters and firms have profiles, just like the customer app. Recruiters can upload information about their organization to their profile and edit or update it.

Job creation or posting is an important feature to add to the recruiting app. It is a tool that allows businesses to submit jobs and then change the details as needed. The recruiter app also allows the organization to accept or reject applications immediately through the app. Aside from that, you should incorporate a resume filer tool so that hiring managers can rapidly identify qualified individuals for the position.

The recruiter app should allow you to download your résumé and communicate with prospects via email. Don’t forget to include a function that lets the recruiter track applications. Finally, the recruiter app should allow the recruiter to pay for the membership plan through your app.

Admin Panel

The admin panel is a critical component of your recruitment application. The dashboard is the admin panel’s principal component or feature. Ensure that the dashboard allows the administrator to manage users, including candidates and recruiters.

You must also provide the admin interface with comprehensive CMS (Content Management System) functionality and real-time analytics. Another important function to have in your admin panel is job post management, which allows the admin to keep track of all job postings in the application.

The administrative panel should also be able to validate candidate and recruiter profiles. Aside from that, the administrator should be able to schedule interviews through the app. Including an ad management option allows the administrator to post advertising for specific recruiters and earn money.

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