App Creators Must Consider These Essential Location Based App Features

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Location-based apps frequently have additional features that make user interaction much easier for your business. Here is a summary of some of the characteristics that app developers should consider while designing a location-based application.

Real-time Location Tracking

Identifying the user’s location is critical for any location-based software. It enables your app to propose the nearest retailer, offer on-demand services, and much more. Apps like Uber are prime examples of how important real-time location is for users. Android, iOS, and cross-platform app development all have native tools. Google Location API is best for Android, whereas Apple Core Location API is best for iOS apps. When it comes to cross-platform app development, the Cordova geolocation plugin is the best option. The APIs employ data obtained from GPS, Cell ID, and even WiFI networks to determine users’ specific whereabouts.

A detailed and accurate map

App developers must always include a detailed and accurate map with their location-based apps. The map you display in the location-based app should show the user’s current location.

The Google Maps API is the most common choice for building a map into mobile apps. The Google Maps API allows app producers in Florida to include an accurate map feature in their mobile apps.

However, there are alternatives, such as the Open Streets API and the Mapbox API.

Florida location-based app producers must provide a “places” component. The “places” can vary according to the mobile app’s industrial vertical. For example, a mobile app designed for the food and hospitality industry will include cafes, restaurants, and hotels as locations.

Each location must provide at least basic information, such as an accurate address, contact information, and guest evaluations. You can also integrate advanced features such as street view, which is available on Foursquare.

Advanced Navigation

At this point, we have an accurate map with business locations designated as places. The only thing left to do is navigate to that location. The navigation feature works both ways; sometimes individuals drive to the store, and other times the on-demand service provider needs directions to the user’s location. It gives the user a precise itinerary regardless of whether they wish to walk, take a cab, or cycle to the destination. Google Maps Directions API and Google Distance Matrix API are two of the most accurate map navigation tools available.

Travel Time Estimation

Allocation-based apps should include estimated arrival times. It allows the user to determine how long it will take for their cab to arrive or how long it will take to drive to the nearest store, among other factors.

To anticipate the ETA, the location-based software must be able to:

  • Track the user’s exact position.
  • Examine road traffic conditions.
  • Calculate the approximate speed.
  • Determine the distance to the destination.
  • Automatically detect lines, traffic jams, and so on.
  • Cyber Security


Cybersecurity is critical for a location-based app. All successful location-based apps have in-app payment functionality. Furthermore, the technology in location-based apps involves determining the device’s geographic location.

Remember that GPS is the same technology that enables you to share your exact location on social media and other apps. Even games allow users to tell where they are. It can be used for surveillance, stalking, and even theft. As a result, organizations looking to develop a mobile app must invest in cyber security.

Ratings and Reviews

Every mobile app should have ratings and reviews for the products or services it sells. If you run an on-demand service like Uber, you must have individual reviews for each driver. The same is true for delivery persons from applications such as Food Delivery.


Location-based applications are quickly gaining popularity. A user-friendly and accurate location-based app can make life easier and more convenient for users. With the assistance of an app development specialist such as NewAgeSysIT, you can secure sophisticated functionality and optimal results for your location-based applications.

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