The Cost to Create an App Like WeChat in 2024?

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WeChat began as a chat platform and swiftly expanded into a one-stop shop for both individuals and businesses. Based on the concept of a super app, the software is a collection of micro programs that successfully removes the need to install several mobile applications by providing solutions for all digital needs – games, booking services, payment, and streaming – on a single platform.

WeChat’s simplicity and ease of use have made it the default app on 1.34 billion smartphones, with the majority of them based in China. For the rest of the globe, the WeChat boom has demonstrated how a connected app ecosystem is what’s next for user experience – an event that hasn’t gone unnoticed and is being sought by digital titans such as Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg. Given the current environment, it is only a matter of time before the application model becomes a revolution in the United States as well.

Now, before we go into what it takes to build apps like WeChat, let’s take a look at the component that every prospective entrepreneur considers: the cost of developing a mobile app similar to Wechat.

Cost Breakdown for WeChat App Development

Well, now let’s look into the Cost Breakdown for WeChat App Development. The development of WeChat application incorporates features like chat, social media integrations, mobile payments, and a variety of other services that can incur multiple costs distributed across design, development, and support. Below is an overview of the estimated costs:

Design costs

You need to expect a cost between $5,000 to $15,000 for designing a visually appealing and intuitive interface that includes developing wireframes, user flow diagrams, and final design prototypes.

Development costs

When coming to coding and deployment of the app, that incorporates both the frontend (user interface) and the backend (server-side operations), usually runs between $20,000 and $150,000. The price point is determined by the feature’s complexity and the development team’s geographic location. Furthermore, incorporating features such as in-app payments, chat functionality, and social network feeds can add complexity and, hence, expense. For a feature-rich app like WeChat, you may expect to pay more.

Quality assurance

Well, after the development, the next step will be the testing stage where we ensure that the software functions seamlessly across numerous devices and operating systems that normally ranges between $10,000 and $25,000. It involves automated as well as manual testing to identify and repair bugs before deployment.

Maintenance and updates

An app is nothing without regular maintenance and updates. When building an app like WeChat, there is a necessity for regular upgrades and changes, primarily to keep up with new mobile operating system updates and security fixes. You need to expect to spend $1,000 to $5,000 per month on maintenance for a mobile app like WeChat, depending on how oftenly and extensively the app is updated.

Additional Costs

Based on whether you employ cloud services or maintain your own servers, the initial cost might range from $500 to $2,000 per month, with costs increasing as your user base expands. Furthermore, depending on your area, implementing aspects such as payment processing may necessitate compliance with numerous rules, which increases the initial setup and continuing operating costs.

As a result, the whole cost of developing and launching an app with WeChat’s complexity and functionality is estimated to be between $40,000 and $200,000. This high-level WeChat app development cost estimate includes a number of interconnected components, including features, design system, technologies, and the location of the development team. Let’s take a look at all of these pieces to have a better understanding of what it takes to build a messaging software like WeChat.

Essential Features of a WeChat-like App

So, when discussing the features, we all knew a fact that the app’s feature set is constantly expanding. Let us offer you an overview of the functionalities that you might consider when developing an app like WeChat.

Messaging and Calls

The key feature of WeChat app development is that it was designed as a chat and call platform and continues to remain so. We advocate creating an end-to-end encrypted architecture that supports text messaging, phone and video conversations, and group calls. Additional features may include media and document upload, AR filters for calls, timed chats, NSFW integrations to protect user safety, and so on.

In-App Payments

The application includes a digital wallet that can be used to store money and conduct transactions both within and outside the application. Known as WeChat Pay, the feature prevents users from having to enter their financial information on several platforms, track costs from multiple sources, or worry about security.

In-App Stores

WeChat offers various storefronts that allow users to purchase products from within the app. These businesses may stock a variety of articles organized by usage and type.

In terms of payment, the app allows users to select their chosen payment method – WeChat Pay, cards, cash, etc. Furthermore, it has proper order management and monitoring tools to ensure that the experience is comparable to any other eCommerce shopping experience.


WeChat’s unique selling point, as with all super applications, is its ‘mini programs’. These tiny programs are a collection of unrelated apps operating under one roof. Imagine being able to book a ride, order food, buy movie tickets, organize excursions, and so on without having to move between several apps. Well, it becomes possible when you create apps like WeChat.


Users and businesses may set up WeChat Channel Accounts to broadcast short films to an audience. It also includes a Livestream option, which allows you to do eCommerce sales without leaving the platform. The tool also allows viewers to give the livestream channel presents, which can later be redeemed for cash.


In simple terms, the moments feature functions similarly to Facebook’s News Feed. When creating a mobile app, such as WeChat, consider this feature to be a social media interface where users may read, like, and comment on the posts of their connections – photographs and videos.

To create a safe social media experience, NewAgeSysIT recommends developing a secure architecture based on the NSFW concept, as well as a robust moderation and reporting mechanism.

In-App Games

WeChat application development also includes creating in-app games. These games are usually simple (yet entertaining), offering consumers a cause to spend more time with the application. They also often serve as an extra source of revenue by requiring app owners to take a percentage of the money that users spend purchasing in-game items.

WeChat for Companies

The app’s focus on the company side of users distinguishes it from other mega applications. If you want to invest in something like WeChat app development, you can look into a feature similar to the ‘WeChat Official Account’. The account allows businesses to communicate with customers and promote their brand on the platform, develop mini-programs, work on an in-app CRM, and access WeChat Work, a messaging platform that can track working hours, manage emails, send announcements, and so on.

How to Create an App Like WeChat?

To create an app like WeChat, which combines chat, social networking, and financial transactions, you would need a thorough plan and rigorous execution. Begin by defining your app’s scope and features, which may include instant messaging, phone and video conversations, digital payments, and integrated mini-programs. Conduct rigorous market research to better understand your target audience and identify the unique solutions your app can offer.

User experience must be prioritized during the design and development phase. Try to create an intuitive interface that effectively manages many functionalities. Now, working with a knowledgeable development team is critical since they will use cutting-edge technologies ideal for both front-end and back-end development. It’s also critical to ensure that your software is scalable, secure, and works properly on all devices.

Read our mobile app development blog for additional ideas and expert assistance. You’ll find comprehensive instructions and best practices to help you take your idea from concept to market-ready product.

How do apps like WeChat make money?

Apps such as WeChat generate revenue through a variety of methods. These monetization approaches have enabled the platform to leverage on a large number of users by providing a variety of services, resulting in increased overall user engagement. Let us examine the strategies in depth below:


WeChat provides personalized advertising options that enable firms to access millions of users based on their demographics and areas of interest.

In-app purchases

The super software supports a variety of transactions within its ecosystem, ranging from games in which users may purchase virtual commodities to mini-programs that offer real products.

WeChat Pay

This payment service enables customers to complete mobile purchases seamlessly. With this approach, the app generates revenue by charging a transaction fee for each payment processed.

Subscription Services

Premium subscription plans allow users to access premium features such as sticker packs and expanded account functions.


By integrating third-party services within its app, the app earns a portion of the money from these mini-programs.

How NewAgeSysIT helps to build an app like WeChat

Creating an app like WeChat is obviously a difficult task, with problems ranging from technological complexities and integration roadblocks to user engagement and scalability issues. To effectively overcome each of these problems, rigorous planning, smart decision-making, and a thorough awareness of both corporate goals and user needs are required.

As a reputable app development firm, NewAgeSysIT has proved proficiency in working with prominent companies to create powerful, user-centric mobile applications. Our portfolios demonstrate our ability to handle the complexity of WeChat app development while providing apps that meet and surpass user expectations. If you have an app concept in mind and want to know how much it costs to produce a mobile app like WeChat, contact our mobile app developers immediately.

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