Streamlining Auto Repair Services


About the client

Car-Up, a client from Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA, sought to simplify vehicle booking and auto repair services through a custom application and website.

Car-Up is an application that offers auto repair service with the highest level of convenience and customer service.

The idea behind the project

The client recognized the inconvenience and time consumption associated with auto repair. Thus, the goal was to streamline operations by minimizing human intervention and time expenditure.

Through the Car-Up mobile application, you can choose to have your vehicle pickedup directly from your home or work.


Our Strategy And Approach

Our journey begins with a collaborative effort among our experts, where we meticulously analyze and gather the client's specific needs and aspirations. Subsequently, we seamlessly integrated the following features:

Guest Booking Feature

Third-Party API Integration

Customer Chat Feature

Quick Books Integration


Client requested guest booking functionality to accommodate users who are unable to download and sign up for the application in emergencies. We successfully integrated VIN query to book services without downloading and Signing up.
Challenges Ensuring timely scheduling of service agents posed a significant challenge due to overlapping appointments. However, our team successfully implemented best practices to enhance scheduling flexibility.

Technology Stack

Results That Made Client Happy

  • Successful acquisition of new customers.
  • Addressed customer concerns promptly and effectively.
  • Streamlined service operations and improved overall
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and convenience.

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